Monday, August 7

50 things to do instead of watching TV (or shopping)

I was just sitting here thinking, as I often do, about my whole anti-TV/consumerist, pro-simplicity/downshifting philosophy. I'm interested in creative, simple living and, as I was playing around with ideas in my notebook, I felt compelled to write a list. I challenged myself to find 50. Here goes...

1. Go to the cinema - it's all about the experience
2. Go for a walk somewhere beautiful
3. Cook a meal for someone you love
4. Pop into your neighbour's house for a chat
5. Get lost in your favourite book
6. Invite a friend around for afternoon tea
7. Plant some seeds - watch them grow
8. Bake a cake
9. Write a letter to someone you haven't seen for ages - everyone loves getting post
10. Lie on some grass, stare at the sky, let your mind wander (not recommended if it's raining)
11. Listen to some live music
12. Walk your dog - if you haven't got one, borrow one
13. Go to the library and get lost among the shelves
14. Have a picnic in the park
15. Go to a museum
16. Do a yoga class
17. Go for a bike ride
18. Put a CD on and actually listen to the words - someone's spent a lot of time on them
19. Look at old photos and laugh at your dubious fashion sense
20. Doodle
21. Invent a new flavour soup (all you need is stock, your favourite veggies and whatever else takes your fancy)
22. Visit a beach, paddle in the sea
23. Phone someone you haven't spoken to in ages
24. Dance around your kitchen to your favourite song (naked if you want - but make sure the curtains are closed)
25. Play a board game
26. Do rude things with someone yummy
27. Grab some friends and have an impromptu game of rounders/football/other sporty-type activities
28. Paint a picture - it doesn't have to be 'good', just create!
29. Give your mind a workout a la Carol Vordeman with Sudoku
30. Take photographs of things that make you smile
31. Try your hand at knitting - start with a scarf for someone's pet
32. Soak in the bath with a cuppa and your favourite magazine
33. Go out for a pint - just the one, mind, don't want any nasty hangovers going on
34. Grab a sketchbook and a pen and see where your imagination takes you
35. Look at art
36. Write a list of your favourite things - read it when you feel sad
37. Catch some live comedy and smile until your face hurts
38. Perform a random act of kindness
39. Watch some live sport - cheer lots and loudly, even if it's just the under-16s local footy team
40. Grow some vegetables
41. Pick a comedy programme from Radio 4 and listen again - Little Britain started on there, don't ya know
42. Try a fitness class you've never done before
43. Read the newspaper from cover to cover (even the business bits)
44. Go to the theatre
45. Sign up for an evening class - our council offers everything from sculpture to Spanish
46. Get an atlas and plan your dream holiday
47. Bake a loaf of home-made bread - so satisfying and 100% nicer than anything from the shops
48. Give someone you know a really big hug
49. Sit still, in silence and just be
50. Start a blog - make sure it's a bit more interesting than this one


  1. Grewqt list Meep!
    41. Tick. Download everyday here in Oz and listen to all sorts. Thankfully broadband means this is now poss. Thanks for the Join Me link too.
    Am now off to bake bread!

  2. Oh I love Join Me... its a fantastic and lovely thing.
    Must do some of those 50 things - can I include looking after babies as one of mine? ;-)

  3. I may never watch the box again. There's way too many things to do! xxx

  4. Even for someone who already hardly watches tv and doesn't know how to shop unless its a local grocery store or a second hand shop, that was an inspiring list. Excellent. I think I'll try to knit a scarf for my rabbit!