Monday, August 14

Happy to combat the SAD

I’m feeling really optimistic. Usually at this time of year, I feel a sense of dread starting to creep into my soul, as the air gets chillier and the darkness arrives a little bit earlier every day.

I try to cheer myself up with thoughts of fairy lights and furry coats, woolly hats and winter walks, but when the clocks go back and the darkness arrives, its oversized suitcase of rain, cold and gloom packed for its five-month visit, the SAD sets in.

But this year, I won’t have to wake up before the sun even thinks about stirring.
I won’t have to travel to work in the dark, then sit in an office until it gets dark again.
I won’t have to walk the dog at 6.30am on icy January mornings.

I’m going to spend time outside when it’s light and work at home when it’s dark.
I’m going to work in cafes with my laptop, nursing giant mugs of herbal teas.
I’m going to take the dog to deserted beaches and mountains when most people are at work.

I’m abandoning a ‘career’ and a really good wage. I am choosing to be financially poor, but I’m also choosing freedom, flexibility, creativity, control – spiritually rich, I think they call it.

Eeek. I can’t wait.


  1. sounds fabulous - good luck to you!

  2. Today is like some kind of massive summer comedown. The miserable, grey weather is making me feel so lethargic. All I want to do is curl up under a duvet and watch Ghostbusters on DVD with beans on toast and a chocolate milkshake.

  3. You go for it! I admire you for doing what you want to do and not for financial gain. You are living the dream and not tying yourself down to something that will only hamper you personally. So you won't have as much money. But you have things that are much more important than money. Im all for it xx

  4. Yeah, but you'll miss the exciting office friendships, and the career opportunities that miss you by an inch, and the reassuring lunch routines, and the life-enriching struggle into work when it's freezing, and the satisfying exhaustion after a day's hard work behind a desk....
    Miss Meep, you sure are lucky!

  5. Sending you good wishes for an amazing journey Meep lady. I did it 5 yrs ago ( couldn't have done it without the Bear though) and haven't looked back.
    I still relish walking the dog etc in the middle of what would have been a 9-5 working day!

  6. You won't regret it.

    Even though I'm surviving on virtually no money, the day I left my old job is one of the best days of my life.

    (I'm starting to feel a bit guilty that I don't do more di=uring the day, though...)