Thursday, August 24

I'm in shock

I've just had a goodbye presentation/speech-type thing at work and I got absolutely loads of presents.

Time for a list...

  • Four bottles of real ale
  • A box of G&B chocs
  • Make-up bag from Accesorise
  • Two groovy bookmarks
  • A really posh pink pen
  • A carrot and walnut cake
  • Retro flask
  • Cupcake cookbook
  • A glittery corsage
  • Box of Neale’s Yard goodies
  • Cool wine bottle stopper

    All wrapped in pink sparkly paper in flowery, glittery bags.

    And they made me a poster of some cupcakes with my head on them, which I will attempt to scan in later.

    Aw, I feel all fuzzy.

    1. Laura4:53 pm

      Awww, thats lovely. And they all sound like thoughtful things just for you too, rather than the usual Body Shop selection pack or Debenhams vouchers. I think they're gonna miss you alot.

    2. I think it's safe to say they WILL miss you a lot. xxx

    3. That is a lot of presents for a fairwell. Usually at our office, everyone just puts in a few dollars and someone buys ONE present only. There's always the obligatory joke of giving one of our products as a going away present before the real gift is shown.

      So are you going to start that charity job now?

    4. James - thanks you for the cupcake book! It's fab - I promise I will make you some cakes from it very soon.

      Thanh7580 - yes, I'm working part-time at the chairty and part-time as a freelance writer.

    5. That's because you have been given 'warm fuzzies'.
      Best wishes for the next job.

    6. Thought I'd left a comment before ( one glass of wine and I'm hopeless).
      The 'warm fuzzies'.mmmmm great feeling.
      Good luck to you for the new job.

    7. Awww, they're not so bad after all.

      (i got a rubbish present when I left my work)