Friday, August 4

I've entered a little competition

You had to write a 100-word story, based on the image below. I won't win or owt, but I enjoyed taking part. My entry is inspired by Barry Island, where I took The Blod for a walk last night.

Drum roll please...

Gwyn met Dilys on a wet bank holiday in Barry Island, 1951. They shared salty chips on the seafront before the last bus home. They married a year later, their honeymoon baby concieved during a romantic rendezvous in a four-berth in Fontygary. A decade went and three more children came. Annual family Butlin’s breaks were all bonnie babies and knobbly knees, swapped for PacMan and the pirate ship by the ’80s when grandchildren arrived. In their seventies, their looks fading and motors slowing down, Gwyn and Dilys still show signs of their former sparkle – just like their beloved beachside town.


  1. Ahhhhh! Lovely piece Meep. Perfect words.
    I remember Barry Island. School geography trip to Wales for a week. We stayed a Butlins in Barry. I hated the accom, but fell in love with Wales.

  2. I think it's lovely. You are a very talented writer. You should really think of doing it for a living ha ha xxx

  3. Barry Island is a bit of a scary place if you ask me... looks like one of those fairgrounds in horror films where people run and hide.
    Nice words though, where did you find a competition like that?