Thursday, August 17

Mooncup Moments

When the Mooncup comes out, I go a bit bonkers. This is a summary of last night's events:

  • Fell over the step going into my kitchen. Fell over it again 10 minutes later.
  • Lost my glass of wine, then found it in the garden.
  • Sobbed for 15 minutes at the thought of the having the dog put to sleep when she's old (she has just turned one).
  • Turned on the water butt to fill the watering can. Forgot about it. Remembered 15 minutes later. Water butt now almost empty. Collected rainwater now in drain.
  • Made a banana bread and forgot to put a) the sugar and b) the spices in it.

    No wonder they used to isolate menstruating women in ye olden dayes.

    1. I know what you mean.

      I have turned into Waynetta slob today. I'm not dressed yet and have just had chocolate cake for lunch.

    2. YOu're entitled to be bonkers once a let rip!