Tuesday, August 22

My first Haiku

I stumbled across One Deep Breath today, so I thought I'd have a go at writing a haiku. I have never, ever written a poem before, so apologies in advance.

This week's theme is music.

Drum roll please...

The song that wakes me
Gets into my head all day
My personal soundtrack

Er, needs work, I think.


  1. It's wonderful....and SO true :-)
    Fortunately, it's Carole King for me all day!

    Thanks for joining us at ODB and I hope you keep joining in...it's all just experimental anyway :-)

  2. Needs work? Nah, it's fine the way it is.

    You know what's worse than getting song stuck in your head, don't you? Dancing to it.

  3. Welcome! I hate when that happens to me it's always only one line over and over again. Well done! It's all about being fun :)

  4. Wonderful beginning - your haiku sticks in my head

  5. Now that is going to stay with me all day!

  6. You captured a moment: that's haiku :-)

    A moment I know so well I don't use music to wake me anymore.

  7. I wish my first haiku had been that good! You are going to enjoy this, I think.

  8. wow, great job! Welcome to ODB :)

  9. No work needed. The message comes through loud and clear and resonnates with all of us, I think. Welcome to 1 Deep Breath.

  10. Great first haiku!

    I had Prince singing in my head all day Friday. I really needed to turn that off!