Thursday, August 17

Presents I would like for my birthday

Only 13 days to go - you're probably wondering what to get me.

This camera
All these lovely books
Aveda things
Neal's Yard things
This coat
A new puppy/kitten/bunny/baby
World peas


  1. I see you failed to mention anything about wanting a Furry tee? :) Sorry shameless publicity.

  2. Oh, and a Furry Bod t-shirt from my good friend Mr Massey.

  3. Laura1:41 pm

    Oh dear. I posted your pressie last night and its none of these things. Hopefully it's one of those 'I never knew I wanted one but now its here its great' kinda things - a bit like a german shepherd xmas tree.

  4. Linked to the camera and entered the comp so I'll probably get one for free now! Hee hee!