Wednesday, September 6

The Life of a Freelancer

Hello. It's Wednesday and I have just... finished my week's official work.

It feels strange. Can't really get my head around three-day working. Although, of course, tomorrow if first official day of freelancing, so must not spend the day:

  • Talking the dog on a really long walk
  • Having a swim and steam room
  • Reading my book
  • Making cakes
  • Finishing off the scarf I'm knitting
  • Going to the library
  • Blogging
  • Picking blackberries
  • Messing about with my new camera

    Oh no, I won't be doing any of those things at all.

    And after I haven't done all those things, I am going to a 'Creative Industry Speed Networking' event, which apparently is a bit like speed dating, but for creative-types in business.

    I'm a bit scared. The venue has Hoegarden on tap. I should be OK.

    1. How good is that, a three day working week. You definitely should not pick blackberries that you can make into a cake and blog after, no, you definitely shouldn't do that Miss Meep.

      What is Hoegarden? Is that a type of beer?

    2. Enjoy your first freelance day meep Lady.

    3. Not as scared as I was. But I gulped a glass of red wine before hand which helped loosen my tongue.
      Was nice to meet you and Dave, glad you liked my bwbachod!

    4. Miss Meep just as she should be. Free as a bird and hopefully making squillions of nice cakes? xxx

    5. Hoegarden on tap!!!! Where is this place? If it's the white beer, can I come?!

    6. Bored? Need something to watch online? This should fill three minutes. It's chuffing genius AND WILL BE NUMBER ONE!