Sunday, September 10

Sunday Scribblings: I would never write...

I've never been into poetry. Haven't managed to get my head around reading it and never tried to write it either. And, although half of the books in our house are of the sci-fi/fantasy genre (yes, I am married to a dweeb), I have never entered the realms of orcs and futuristic lands.

So, for this week's Sunday Scribblings, I thought I would attempt to write:

A Poem About a Robot-type Person
He came from the planet Twonkatron,
The man with the seven eyes.
His arms were made of spiders,
His head from custard pies.

He landed on earth in 2006
To save us from our problems,
Like climate change and overweight kids,
Binge drinking and McDonalds.

But when he saw the state of things,
The robot couldn't hack it.
He got back on his pink spaceship,
And whizzed back to his planet.


  1. This is a hoot! I love it!!!! It reminds me of Shel Silverstein.

  2. Hee! I don't blame him either!

  3. Hey, you could be the next Shel Silverstein! Haha!

  4. Very clever poem. Well done.

  5. That was brilliant!

    I completley ditto both michelle and chelle y. You've got a career as a children's auther/poet simply lying at your feet!

    Happy Sunday Scribblings, from a newbie :)

  6. HaHA! I, too, have my differences with Poetry (we're in counseling) - but this! This is poetry I can relate to - thank you :)

  7. I couldn't stop laughing. Great Job!

  8. Anonymous6:01 am

    You did well with the sc-fi and poetry..
    Loved it, made me smile!


  9. That was pretty cute.... I chuckled!

    Peace and giggles

  10. Fantastic! I love poetry and being a bit of a dweeb myself I like a bit of Sci Fi too. It's even better when one of my favourite bloggers merges them both together as seemlessly as you have xxx

  11. A perfect poetic poignant poem.
    (And funny but that buggered up the alliteration)