Monday, October 23

Just passing through

I've done the thing that I always say I'll stop doing, but always end up doing - taking too much on.

There's the new job, the freelancing, the dyslexia support work, the photography course, the knitting group, the posh gym that I must go to a squillion times a week to justify huge cost. Not to mention seeing friends and family, looking after the dog, the cat and the house. Oh, and trying to see Mr Meep.

Gah. Bah. Bleeeeeee.

Normal blogging will resume when things calm down a bit.


  1. Life don't ya just love it!:)

  2. I hope so. I love it when you blog but Im sure things will settle down eventually x

  3. You take your time Miss Meep - life's about more than just blogging.