Friday, October 6

Sugar stress

I am in the process of making a wedding cake for my lovely friends Jon and Emma. It's possibly the most stressful thing I have ever done.

What's wrong with me? It's a cake! I like cakes. I like making cakes. I like eating cakes even more.

Things I am worried about:
  • Going too fast around a corner in the car and squishing the cakes
  • The cake collapsing as they cut it, with everyone looking on (last night's dream)
  • Sitting on a table at the wedding with strangers and them saying, "Look at that DREADFUL cake"

    All of this stress is exaggerated by the fact that I have eaten quite a lot of sugar in the process of making the cakes.

    Yesterday, I probably ingested about a pint of 'leftover' chocolate ganache throughout the course of the day.

    This morning, I started on the marzipan trimmings. There were lots of them. Now there are not so many. In fact, there are none. I ate half, dipped in more chocolate ganache. Blod ate the rest sans ganache as chocolate and dogs are not a good combo.

    The there were the cake trimmings. I nibbled away at a fair few of them yesterday. Then, of course, there was the cake mix bowls...

    I am on some kind of extreme sugar high.


    1. Im sure it will be fine. Honest. You have just had waaaay too much sugar by the sounds of it and I bet the cakes will be gorgeous!

    2. Wow - what an honour!

      They'd not have asked you if they had any doubt that you could deliver - will you show it to us when you're done please?

      Ditto afrobev - you'll do them proud!