Monday, October 30

Winter blues

I am not happy. It's cold, it's dark, it's been raining for a squillion years.

I feel lethargic and sad and unenthusiastic about everything.

It's time for the annual 'Things to look forward to about winter' list.

  • Walks on windy, deserted beaches...
  • ... and sheltering behind a rock to drink a flask of tea
  • Mittens and hats and fluffy scarves
  • Stollen from my favourite German deli
  • Sparkly party clothes
  • Fairy lights and fireworks
  • Eating chips in the car on a rainy seafront
  • Getting into bed at 8pm with a cuppa, cosy pyjamas and a good book
  • Mashed potato and roasted veg
  • Christmas!

    Ah, I feel better already.

    1. Definetly. There's loads to look forward to in the winter. Eating chips in the car in the rain on the sea front, mmmm those are unforgettable moments pure and simple and Christmas...There's nothing that I don't love about Christmas. I can't wait! keep smiling Miss Meep and stay warm :) xxx

    2. Oh frabjousness!
      I still miss cold winters. I can't stand Christmas in 40 degree heat.
      I have no desire to put up decorations ( but put a few up for the Bear), I have no wish to eat ( why would you, it's too damn hot?).
      Christmas ain't christmas without coldness.
      Just call me a whinging Pom! But I do love Oz at all other times of the year...honest.
      Your list has made me wistful for the UK.

    3. Aw I love some fairy lights - and having the fire alight in the living room - soooo cosy. There are some nice things about winter, especially Christmas!