Monday, November 6

Animal Magic

I've just got back home after a lovely long weekend in the beautiful posh spa town of Harrogate, visiting the Meep-in-laws.

Dog came with us, cat had to stay at home.

When we opened the front door after three days away, the cat was very pleased to see us. He bounced around, purring the loudest of purrs, jumping on the dining room table to head-butt us and rubbing against our legs.

In fact, he was so excited to see us, he then ran out into the hallway, miaowing loudly... and did a big smelly poo on the door mat.

Welcome home, us.


  1. The Meep In laws...I love it! I do like your little World of Meepness it makes me smile :) xx

  2. Well, that your welcome home gift for leaving the cat!

    Their plot for total world domination continues...

  3. Aw! I think he loves you!