Thursday, November 9


Can I have some virtual blog-style sympathy please?

I am aching all over... head, kidneys, legs. My eyes are streaming. My nose is running. I'm sneezing. And I'm feeling very, very sorry for myself.


(Actually, I am cwtched up in a blanket on the sofa, wearing my pyjamas, with Heat magazine, a box of Jaffa Cakes, a mug of Earl Grey and the dog and cat asleep at my feet and we're getting curry from Splott's finest Indian takeaway later, so it's not all bad.)


  1. Awww I was really beginning to feel sorry for you then aswell :) xxx

  2. Oh poor you. Now I understan cwtched! My Ma and Nanna always used that word, i just never knew how it was spelt.
    Curry = best thing for how you are feeling!