Sunday, November 19

Sunday Scribblings: My hero

My hero doesn't scale tall buildings in one giant leap, nor does she combat villains with her amazing ability to throw balls of fire from her wrists.

My hero is, on the outside, an ordinary person. But this ordinary person lives an extraordinary life. She lives a life that she has shaped for herself, a life that doesn't fit a mould, but is a life that's exactly how she wants it to be.

She lives by the sea. She wakes up every morning to the sound of the ocean and opens her window to breathe in the fresh air. She heads straight outside with her dog to catch the best part of the day, running and playing on the beach, filling her lungs with fresh, clean air.

She eats healthy, home-cooked food and her kitchen is always filled with wonderful smells: tomatoes slowly roasting with garlic and basil; spicy sweet cinnamon and apple cakes just out of the oven; a creamy sweet potato and coconut curry bubbling away on the hob.

She writes book for children. She works on her sofa with her laptop, with an endless supply of Earl Grey tea and a cat asleep at her feet. She is also a teacher who is passionate about learning and loves the warm fuzzy glow she gets from helping people to discover new things.

She is a mother that gives her children experiences instead of things. Her children paint, bake, play, explore, laugh and learn.

She is a good friend and a supportive wife – loyal and kind to the people she loves. She likes herself and understands that not everyone is going to like her too.

She appreciates the simple things, she loves life and she lives every minute to the fullest.

She smiles. A lot.

I don't know if she exists, but she is the person that I would like to be.

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  1. Wonderful post! Sounds like a good life.

  2. Great words and aspirations.

  3. You are that person aren't you? Well, at least you will be eventually.

    It sounds idealic (did I spell that properly?) xx