Wednesday, November 1

Talented Types

I have very talented friends.

Take Mr Massey and his fantastic Furry Bods, for example.

When his shop is open, you should buy some gorgeous things.

And although these people aren't my friends, I've been ogling their blogs and feeling very jealous that I don't do more creative stuff.

Noodles and Doodles and Little Pink Toes live in a world of pastels and baking and creative play.

I want to live there too please.


  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence but really there are a lot of gory moments too - I just leave out most of those pics!

  2. Karen pointed me in the direction of your lovely comment - I am so pleased you enjoy my blog. In reality I have been less creative lately and am due to have my second child in about four days!! So your post has cheered me up. :) Hope you keep on visiting.