Sunday, December 3

10 things I have learnt while I haven't been blogging

  • 1. Never, under any circumstances, feed your dog leftover Indian takeaway just before you are about to embark on a five-hour journey with her in a small car.
  • 2. Even on the ninth viewing, Love Actually still makes me cry. Especially the bit when Andrew Lincoln is holding those cards up for Keira Knightly. Oh blimey, here I go again...
  • 3. No one tells you that you spend the first three months of pregnancy looking an attractive shade of grey.
  • 4. Christmas shopping is evil, consumerist, environmentally unfriendly and stressful.
  • 5. It is even worse if you are wearing about ten layers of clothing, whilst battling your way through M&S carrying the five thousand presents no-one really wants that you have already bought.
  • 6. Next year, everyone is getting a goat. Yes, I know I said that last year, but I really mean it this time. Honest.
  • 7. If I pay £13k to have our loft converted, it is just too low so we won't be able to stand up in it. Therefore, my baby will be living under the stairs, a la Harry Potter.
  • 8. After today, I don't have a single spare day in my diary until December 27th.
  • 9. I still have a crush on most of Take That (except Gary, obv), especially with their new rugged faces, fluffy hair, big winter coat thing going on - the bunch of big fluffy mumpets.
  • 10. Home-made cakes are incredibly good for unborn babies. Especially banana bread (full of potassium), pecan pie (nuts for omegas), passion cake (carrots for vitamins) and chocolate brownies (er...).

    1. Not a very bloke-ish thing to admit. But I think Love Actually is great. It's a bloody good job that Keira Knightley answered the door for Andrew Lincoln though and not her husband/his best friend. Explain that one away with flash cards!

    2. Valleychap8:33 am

      Easy afrobev - brazen it out and show HIM the cards! he's taken aback and flattered and suddenly understands why you're shy around his missus!

    3. I love Love Actually and can watch it again and again....the cards at the door.......Hugh grant dancing around Number 10 ( and I can't stand HG!).....Emma Thompson's superb acting when she finds about her husband's dallying, wiping away her tears and straightening the bedspread. And the title credits over all those people meeting at the airport.....oh, am going to have to watch it again now.