Tuesday, January 23

The Big Smoke

I've been down that London today, for a meeting. Here's my review of London, in the form of a sort-of poem-type thing.


Good stuff
Multi-cultural communities
Loads of fantastic galleries
The fact that you don't need a car
And lots and lots of sushi bars
(although, only for the veggie stuff - remember kids, fish are friends, not food!)

Bad stuff
The grime and the crime
The tube and the suits
The black snot

There you go, no need for you to visit now.


  1. Gotta love the black snot. You blow your nose and think: "Good Lord, have I been snorting oil again?"

  2. The good news is guys that after a few weeks in the Smoke the black snot mysteriously goes away. The even better news is that this means the impurities are going straight into your lungs! Bonus.