Friday, January 5

Christmas at the Meep-in-Laws

Do you think it is possible to wear all your Christmas presents at once?

Anyway, it's time to pack the baubles and gifts away- it's officially all over for another year.

Happy 2007! Hope your season was festive and full of mince pies.

NB That reindeer jumper was a pyjama top - I haven't started wearing themed sweaters.


  1. A Happy New Year to you, I particularly like the pink footwear!
    New Years resolution time has arrived once more... I vow to accessorise/moisturise on a daily basis, and oh yes, to lose weight and get fit (isnt that an annual tradition though)!

  2. You look divine Meep Lady! Glad it is a pj top....thought you might have been going a bit Bridget Jones there for moment!

    Happy new whatsists to you and Meep Man.

  3. Is it possible to wear all you xmas presents at once? Apparently yes!

    Happy New Year

  4. Ooh! You got baby stuff for Christmas, lucky thing!

  5. lolol themed sweaters!!

    Miss Meep - I've tagged you :)

    hope that's ok :)