Friday, January 26

The Dress Sense of a 3-Year Old

At the supermarket yesterday, Mr Meep and I were wandering past the baby clothes aisle. My eye was caught by all the cute things that I could get for the future baby Meep. I picked up a pink stripy jumper.

Me: "Aw, how cute is this?"
Mr Meep: "That's just like your pink stripy top that makes you look like a sweet."

A few seconds later...

Me (picking up little blue sparkly knitted jacket): "Oooo, that one is gorgeous."
Mr Meep: "It's just like your blue cardigan with the glittery bits."

And at the shoe aisle...

Me: "Eeek - these are like little versions of my new boots."
Mr Meep: "Um, have you ever considered the fact that maybe you dress like a toddler?"

Let's look at the evidence.

Multi-coloured stripy socks and sparkly slippers...

Little girl shoes...

Pink and pigtails...

Bright, flowery tops...

Oh, that's not me. But I think he might be right.


  1. You dress like Lola in Charlie and Lola. And if you don't know who Lola is now, you soon will do!

  2. Oh continue to free the inner child, it suits you:)

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  4. That's brilliant! At least nobody can accuse you of having an old fashioned dress sense though x