Thursday, January 18

Feeling Lost

I'm having a career crisis. I've been having one for years - in fact, ever since I left uni. I thought I wanted to work in the media, and I did briefly, until I realised there is far too anti-mumpetness going on (my lovely friend The Jalepeno excluded). I did Marketing/PR-type work, which I enjoyed temporarily, until I got sooooooooo bored of working an office. Now I'm doing Comms/PR for a charity - great to be working for a good cause, but the office thing is still driving me absolutely mad. I just can't sit in one place all day long doing the same thing - and I'm only there for three days a week.

The freelance thing is tough. I'm just not confident enough to 'sell' myself to people. After being turned down for lucrative writing contract before Christmas, I have been doubting my er... "talents" and don't know what to do next.

I love my volunteering with the dyslexia class. After I finish work on a Wednesday feeling bored and like I haven't achieved a lot, I go there and really do something that makes a difference to someone.

The other things that absorb me are drawing/painting/making, cooking, music and learning...

By jove, why haven't I become a primary school teacher? This has been in the back of my mind for years, so I've just written to a couple of local schools to see if I can do some volunteering with the little 'uns. Watch this space.

And meanwhile, as writing is the only thing I've ever done (so I can't really be THAT bad at it), I've got to get in gear and get myself hired. I've written a plan of action and will be ticking things off that list as of... ooo, as soon as I've posted this and finished my mug of Ovaltine (the pregnant woman's best friend - full of iron AND cures heartburn).

And to keep in practice with the writing, I have set myself a challenge - blog every day for a month. Oh what treats I have in store.


  1. Ovaltine - I dont think Ive ever drunk any of that before or since being pregnant!
    Good for you getting it together and volunteering to help out with the kids, sounds like a good start to me :-)
    Crisis? What crisis... Im trying to work out how to apply for jobs again after all these years - eek!

  2. Hang in there meep Lady! But, I am looking forward to the post a day!

  3. went to the husband of one of the interview panel...


    I reckon you'd make a fab primary school teacher btw.

  4. Good luck with everything. I'm sure you will find what you really want to do soon. It could be just all the hormones that is affecting your judgement at the moment. :-)