Friday, January 19

My Lovely Lady Lump(s)

Is a very small lady lump, I think, but I still like it. And hey, I haven't piled on the pounds so that's got to be a good thing, eh? I have, however, got a rather impressive pair of enormoboobs (sadly not that visible in this photo).

I shouldn't be too smug though - there's still a whole four months in which to reach Feltzian proportions. And I generally am eating a cake a day.

So the fear of turning into a a 'before' photo from Slimfast ad doesn't seem to be turning into a reality yet. But, of course, there's the other big fear - it coming out. Something the size of a melon out of something the size of a lemon... it is so going to hurt.

I've progressed from not being able to even open Dr Miriam Stoppard's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, to being able to actually open and read it. Still haven't quite managed to look at the 'real life' pictures of births though. Bleeee.

I've asked people who've gone through it and they all say different things...

Mother Meep: "It's not that bad - just like bad period pain."
H: "It's fine, I really enjoyed it."
J: "It was the best day of my life."

But some have told the truth:
L: "It's absolutely hideous. Have all the drugs that you can."

Ho-hum. Suppose it's got to come out somehow.

And the best news is, that Mini Meep is a Mini Miss Meep - a little girl. Hurrah. Here's to many years of Hello Kitty and pink glittery things.

Yes, it is 4pm and, no, I haven't brushed my hair yet today. Hair is so... dull.


  1. What a great picture. You look stunning Meep Lady.

  2. A work friend is about to have a baby soon too. Another work friend's wife just had a baby. He told me that the baby was arriving 4:30pm, and I said "Gee, technology is so advanced nowadays, they can predict the birth to the minute." I thought that was a bit odd. He was smiling at me and said that his wife was having a cesarean, which made more sense. Maybe you can look at the option of surgery?

  3. Seeing your bump reminds me of how lovely being pregnant is.

    Everyones experience is totally different, but I didn't feel the pains were that bad until nearer the end but the epidural takes all the pain away and I managed to sleep for 1hr 1/2. The gas and air is fantastic and I think I managed on that until I was 7cm.

    I'm sure you'll be fine and fingers crossed you will have a high pain thresh hold so you wont feel a thing and a quick labour xxx

  4. You look as gorgeous as ever. Pregnancy suits you. Can't give you any tips on labour though but Phil's mum says it's just like having a massive poo apparently. Don't know how helpful that is or how accurate xxx

  5. That amateur-Lady-Chatterly-style artwork on the Vanessa Feltz link is a bit disturbing.

  6. After 36 hours, I came to the conclusion that anaesthetists are wonderful people - take all the drugs they offer! Seriously, you'll be fine. If I can do it (and I'm the most enormous wuss on the planet), then anybody can.

  7. You look lovely! And yaay for having a Little Miss Meep.

    Try not to worry about the birth too much, neither of mine went to plan. I was all set for a homebirth but baby refused to come out on time and I ended up in hospital anyway.

    Remember there is a wealth of all types of mummy knowledge at you'd be very welcome.

  8. Just feel smug they didnt find two babies in there! Plus no matter how bad/good it is, the memories fade into rose tinted ones at an alarming rate and you'll have a lovely little miss meep to show for it :-)