Sunday, January 28

Oh, the drama

Not content with the heart drama story to dine out of for a couple of months, today has brought more high drama in the Meep household.

Blod and I went to the local park for a walk this morning. On the way home, we were turning a corner and Blod came nose-to-nose with a Husky-type dog. It had evil-looking black patches around its eyes, huge clumps of fur were missing and it was covered in nasty-looking scars.

The dog immediately went for Blod. I sped up and pulled Blod along with me, but the Husky wouldn't give up. It kept nipping and growling at Blod and wouldn't leave us alone. As we walked faster, Husky got nastier. At this point, Blod was squealing and yelping and running round and round me in circles trying to get away.

I tried pick Blod up, but the dog then started going for me. Luckily, I was wearing a very thick coat. I was terrified. We were at the bottom of my street at this point and all the yelping and growling brought people out in to the street. A nice man opened his front gate and said: "Come in here, love."

So Blod and I bundled into his lounge, while he shoo-ed the evil beast away. It was hanging around outside for ages, then loitering just a little way up the street - quite near my house, in fact. The mystery man didn't want me to walk home, so he put us in his car and drove us to the end of the road - even waited until we were safely inside our front gate. What a hero.

Have to say I'm a bit scared to go out alone with Blod now. But also, my cockles are warmed by the man who rescued us - what a gent.

Blod, as you can see, was over the whole thing in all of, ooo, five minutes. A couple of sausages and the incident was a mere memory. I don't think dogs suffer from post-traumatic stress.


  1. The owner of that dog should be begging your forgiveness. Glad you and Blod are ok.

  2. Nasty horrible dog. You should be taking it easy in your condition, not having to put up with all these dramas. Perhaps you should take sausages with you everytime you take Blod out for a walk. Glad you are okay though and that guy sounds like a real hero x

  3. A true story of heroics from a nice neighbour, very rare these days.

  4. Welcome to my daily life. Dogs love to chase things, like blokes out for a run. What drives me to the edge is that so many owners sit there just sort of half-heartedly calling after their dog but not actually doing anything.

  5. You could report it to a Dog Warden as it's out of control.

    Poor Blod. Poor you!

    You need to practice your 'LEAVE!' in the deepest gruffest loudest voice you can muster to try at times like these. I had a similar situation with my dear little timid Yorkie - a couple of ferocious terriers straining at the leash - one broke free and headed full pelt at my little one!
    Before I could stop myself I YELLED 'LEAVE!' and the dog skidded to a complete halt looking terrified!
    We went wibbling off all shaken and I had about twenty mins of hysterical laughter!