Thursday, January 11

She Wags

My little dog wags her tail a lot. In fact, when she's not sleeping, she's wagging. Wag, wag, wag, wag - all day long.

Mr Meep and I tried to count the wags when she was especially excited the other day.

We reckoned about 120 WPM (wags per minute).

So that's make 7200 wags every hour.

And she's awake and excitable for about five hours a day - 36,000 wags per day.

And she's 18 months old, so in her little waggy lifetime, she's notched up over 19 million wags.

That is a lot of wagging.

I wonder if you can get a wagometer?


  1. That's an awful lot of wagging. Dog's seem to spend a lot of time with their tongues hanging out of their mouths too. Perhaps you could invent the Wagometer and retire to your own remote Meep Desert Island? x

  2. Obviously one happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, dog!