Monday, February 19

Please stand very close to me (even do a bit of frottaging if you want)

I've always had a bit of thing about Sting. Well, ever since he went all tree-hugging and yoga-loving anyway. But ever since this story was in the news, my little crush has been re-ignited.

Reasons why I shouldn't fancy Sting
  • He's old. About 60 probably. The same age as my dad. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
  • He is blonde - I only like dark men.
  • His music is... well, a bit crap.
Reasons why I fancy Sting
  • He is a proper Womble and lover of trees and Mother Earth in general.
  • He loves yoga and is all bendy and zen.
  • He has six children, so he'd probably be dying to make even more beautiful babies so I would be allowed to stay at home baking cakes and cuddling bambinos all day.
  • Would you just look at him!
Oooo, I've come over all peculiar. Think I need to lie down.

(PS Sorry, Mr Meep - you are much nicer than Sting really. Mwah!)


  1. I've had a chat with Sting, and we've agreed he can come over when I'm at work as long as he promises not to get patchouli oil on my Nintendo.

  2. I'm sorry Miss Meep, you have had a severe taste failure here. I think it must be the pregnancy hormones.

    He is just so smug! er

  3. I went to school with Sting's cousin. He was just as yummy, but a bit younger...

  4. I totally agree with you Miss Meep, but age is unimportant...he has a young soul I think!

    Dave's comment resulted in a shout of laughter here!

    Ps...said in a quiet voice...I like his music!