Monday, February 26


I'm such a boring pregnant woman - I don't have any tales of comedy bum grapes or insane dreams about giving birth to a fully-grown zebra.

Humungous weight gain - nope
Cravings - nada
Backache - none
Mood swings - not a sausage
Swollen ankles - nah
One of those dark lines down the belly - no
Bonkers dreams - not even baby zebra in sight

I feel healthy and happy and calm and just, well, normal.

(But oh, could I tell you about constipation. But no-one wants to hear about that particular symptom. Let's just say two huge glasses of the devil's brew that is prune juice as an emergency measure is so not a good idea.)

Does this mean I'm in for a horrendous birth to make up for the comfortable time I'm having so far?



  1. Trust you to be different. It's probably all perfectly normal though and you are just used to hearing people whining about their horror stories or treating pregnancy like an illness.

    Perhaps you are just the exception to the rule or perhaps you are just enjoying a perfectly normal, natural pregancy.

    Or perhaps the baby is just a lovely and relaxed person like it's parents :)

  2. Perhaps I should stop saying the word perhaps. Perhaps I will. x

  3. Me neither, although we do have some mugs that we bought during the first trimester and I can't drink out of them because they make me feel queasy.
    Oh, and I did have a dream that Indy (my big dog) was my baby and I was really disappointed because he didn't fit in any of the little clothes or nappies. Hmm.

  4. Perhaps all those other pregnant people just like making a Big Fuss?

    (Perhaps is a good word)

  5. Just wait until you hit 30 weeks, then it all goes tits up and you can't walk very far, or turn over in bed without some complicated routine that involves pillows, cranes and hoists.

    The heartburn will ravish you and you won't be able to move without clutchinig a bottle of gaviscon to your bump.

    But I'm sure your labour will be fine. One sneeze and Mini Miss Meep will be out.

  6. To be fair I only had a couple of random dreams - little mice dressed in baby clothes and very bouncy babies... nothing usual there?
    I think you should revel in the lovely pregnancy... mine was nice too - no bum grapes/baby zebras here!!
    Gaviscon did become my best friend at one point though - as did gas and air later on ;-)