Thursday, March 1

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus - Happy St David's Day

In honour of our patron saint, here are a few great Davids that I'm lucky to know.

Mr Meep
Because he is handsome and funny and creative and kind and makes the best pizzas in Cardiff.

My Dad
Who goes by Alan, but is actually David Alan. He is putting up a fence in my garden as I type.

My Friend Massey
Who is a very talented artist and has a talented and lovely girlfriend. Two of my favourite people.

My Boss
Who actually left yesterday, but is a fab, dynamic, respected human rights worker - an inspiration.

Aren't Davids fab?

(If you're called David and you are my friend and I've forgotten you, I'm very sorry).


  1. Happy St David's day to you my Lovely!

  2. I can't actually think of a David that I don't like. David's a good name. x