Monday, March 5

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Some feel-good stories for a rainy Monday:
  • One of my dyselxia students turns 50 this year. She likes running and really wanted to run the London marathon in this milestone year. She tried lots of the big charities but got rejected. One day, I was reading the magazine that the Donkey Sanctuary sends me. I noticed they had two places for the marathon, so I told her about them. She got the application form, and in one of our classes, we spent the session filling in it in. She got a place! She's happy and donkeys will be saved. And I'm baking cakes to sell raise money for her tomorrow, so tummies will be filled too. Ah.
  • Someone on Freecycle was looking for maternity clothes. I've been given more than I can wear from friends, so I told her she could come over and have a rummage. I sent her directions to my house. There was no need - she lives at number 174 (I'm number 189). She came over and is lovely. Her baby is due two weeks after Mini Meep and we'll be off on maternity leave at the same time.
  • I went to a local primary school to start volunteering as a classroom assistant last week. As I walked through the playgound to meet the head teacher, three little girls came bouncing up to me on space hoppers, shouting delightedly 'Look Miss, we're all bouncy!'. You don't get that when you walk into an office on a Thursday morning.
Happy Mondays.

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