Sunday, April 15

34 weeks

And Mini Meep is rapidly running out of space in there. She likes to nestle her feet right under my ribs when I'm sitting upright - a great excuse to spend the sunny weekend reading the paper on a reclining deckchair in the garden.

I'm doing lot of 'birth preperation'-type things, like drinking raspberry leaf tea (supposed to make your contractions more powerful - is that a good thing?), bouncing on a giant bouncy birthing ball (the pets are terrified of it) and listening to my natal hypnosis CD (put it on on Friday night about 9pm - woke up on the sofa at 12.30. It's obviously making me VERY relaxed).

I'm really excited about meeting her, but a bit scared too. Eeek.


  1. Rasberry leaf tea definitely works and walk a lot as well nearer the time.

    I wish I walked more as I think things would of progressed a lot quicker than they did I'm sure a lot of people are giving you heaps of advice they always do.

    I don't think I ever got sick of listening to what people have to say but I do think everyones experience is definitley unique.

    When I had was having jayden I really wanted to know what he looked like and its great meeting this precious little thing whose been kicking your ribs to bits all these months.

    Sorry I could talk for Wales on pregnancy and birth I still think its amazing xxx

  2. It's very exciting!

  3. What a lovely neat bump you have, I was a size of a house by 7 and a half months!
    I was desperate not to go over my due date so started drinking rasberry leaf tea about 3 weeks before. I only had about 4 cups and my waters broke 2 and a half weeks early, so be careful!
    I would also recommend lots of walking and unfortunately not reclining on the sofa/deckchair. I did a bit of that and nobody told me that it can encourage the baby to lie back to back, which trust me you really don't want to happen as it means a long and painful labour!

    Keep bouncing on that ball and sitting very upright!

    It is a bit scary, but so very, very wonderful!

  4. Yay for neat bump! It's exciting and scary all rolled into one but so cool to finally meet the little person that kicks you in the ribs all day long :-)

  5. You look even more cwtchable than ever :)

  6. A picture of bloomin' loveliness!

  7. Hello miss meep! Long time no speak! Congratulations on your exciting news, I'm so sorry I've lost touch, my email is bonniecoupland at if you want to catch up.

    Speak soon lovely lady, Bonnie xx