Wednesday, April 4

Cwtchin' rocks

Oh, I love a cwtch. And so do most of my fellow countrymen, it seems. All hail the cwtch couple of Canton.

Sometimes, I think about all the people I love and think about what it would be like if we all got in to a giant bed and had a big long cwtch - in a totally non-pervy way, of course (I realise that when I say this out loud, it sounds really wrong, but it's totally innocent, this need for cwtching).

Cwtch someone you love today - a friend, your partner, your mam, your dad, your nan, your gramp, your sprogs, your dog, your cat, the postman. Just give them all a big squeeze.

I hope I don't wear Mini Meep out with too much cwtching when she arrives.


  1. Awww. You can't beat a good cwtch xxx

  2. And you are King of Cwtches, James! Let's have one again soon.

  3. This word was used so much in my childhood ( Nanna was from Ponty and my Mum used it too). I have never known how to spell it! Thankyou Meep Lady.