Tuesday, April 3

Missing in Action

Hello - it's been a while, I know. The thing is about this balancing freelancing with a part-time job is it sometimes gets so bloomin' busy that you don't even have time to write your blog or even cook a proper meal or anything.

Here's a Top 10 of things what have happened:
  • I've been to Cornwall on hols - am attempting to post some piccies but it's all going wrong and I'm swearing at the computer. A lot. Shame, because one of them is the best photo of a chicken ever. Watch this space - bet you can't wait.
  • In Cornwall I ate: 2 cheese pasties, 3 cream teas, 2 ice creams and approximately 236 chips.
  • I've only put on a stone of baby weight - huzzah!
  • I have SPD - ouch!
  • Blod has fleas - blee!
  • Zeb has mites - blah!

    1. Glad to have you back. The pictures don't upload from your Cornwall trip though. Is it just my computer? :(

    2. Sorry to hear about the SPD (I had no idea what that was until I followed the link to that "scary" site).

      Still, pain aside, isn't the human body - and pregnancy - an amazing thing?!