Monday, April 30

The Very Hungry Meepapillar

One day, Miss Meep woke up and her belly was rumbling. It was only 6am, but her hungry belly went 'Groooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllll, wake up and fill me with delicious treats.'

So she got up and had some Weetabix Minis with soy milk. The belly was satisfied.

However, after she had showered, dressed, been for a womble with the dog and returned home, she was hungry again. It was 8am. She made two pieces of toast - one with marmite, one with peanut butter. The belly was silenced and off she went to work.

At work, the belly continued to rumble. It wouldn't shut up. The only way to silence it was by eating. That day, she ate:

1 apple
5 dried figs
A jam doughnut
Another apple
3 pieces Green and Blacks chocolate
1 cheese and tomato sandwich
Packet of crisps
Slice of carrot cake
Box of veggie sushi rolls (whilst walking around the supermarket - the shame)
Slice of cheese
Wedge of Spanish omlette
Avocado and tomato salad
Mug of Ovaltine
4 squares Green and Blacks

Then she went to bed and had a long sleep. When she awoke, she didn't find that she had turned into a beautiful buterfly. Instead, she - or rather her bathroom scales - found that she had become two pounds heavier overnight.

She went downstairs and made a batch of home-made blueberry pancakes.



  1. Is that all? Seriously, that doesn't sound like very much at all!

  2. I think you have listened to your inner voice!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm blueberry pancakes! Seriously stop or you'll have to drop some around for me. They sound lush (I like that word!).

    Enjoy your feasts that what I say. Eating for two and all that x