Wednesday, May 30

She's here...

Gwen arrived on Saturday 26th May at 9.43am, after a dramatic entrance that involved:

  • Me not realising I was in labour and sleeping through half of it
  • Almost giving birth in the car, clutching a copy of 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' open on the 'Emergency Delivery' page
  • Mr Meep almost missing the main event because he was trying to find change for the parking meter

    Details to follow...

    1. Congratulations!!!
      She looks lovely :-)

    2. Congrats, Em

    3. Congratulations and welcome to the World Mini Meep. I love the name Gwen and I hope you and Dave are okay?

      P.S Sorry I only just opened your e-mail to me so I only just responded to it.

      She looks gorgeous. Well done!!!

    4. Oh wonderful!

      She's beautiful! Have a good rest and enjoy getting to know her - welcome little Gwen! :)

    5. She's absolutely beautiful, well done you! I love the name Gwen it really suits her.

      Lots of love to the new parents!

      Claire xx

    6. Wow! She's perfect! You did very well there lady. And Dave of course. See you on the weekend. Can't wait to give Gwen a cwtch! And you too!

    7. Congratulations!

      But the countdown thingy over there says there are still 6 days to go! Don't tell me she's going back in to bake a bit longer...?

    8. Awww. What a little beauty. Congratulations!

      Sorry for being a bloke and all, but how could you manage to be asleep during the labour? Isn't it suppose to sting a wee bit?

    9. Welcome to the world minny Miss M.
      Congratulations Mam and Da.
      She is very beautiful, just look at the gorgeous hair.

    10. Congratulations, she's gorgeous!
      Sounds like a pretty good labour, I hope I can sleep through mine :-)

    11. Congratulations Miss Meep.

      Gwen is looking great with a full head of hair already.

    12. congratulations, glad that she arrived safe and well and you had a fab labour lucky you.

      She's gorgeous x

    13. Congratulations - she is absolutely beautiful!

      Glad to hear it all went well and that she arrived safely.

      Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood!


    14. Congratulations - she's beautiful!