Sunday, May 6

Taking it Easy

Advice from a pregnancy website:

"... As your baby's arrival nears, your body is going through some of the most intense changes of your whole pregnancy. Try not to do too much, and focus on taking care of yourself by getting plenty of rest... "

And here's me, yesterday. After a six-mile walk...

Minutes before climbing to the top of this...

I think I have become the bionic woman.


  1. Bionic indeed, but fancy keeping poor old Blod's football down your blouse. Is there no end to this cruelty?!

  2. Flippin heck! I can hardly get out of my chair!

  3. We have the technology...we have rebuilt her!

  4. Oh my god you are! The best I could hope for at that stage was a waddle to the local shop and back - with someone else in tow to make sure nothing scary happened like getting stuck in doorways or waters breaking! :-D