Tuesday, May 22

Things that I can confirm do not induce labour

... even if you do them all on the same day.

  • Raspberry leaf tea
  • Bouncing on the birthing ball during an entire episode of Dr Who
  • Hot curry
  • Long walks
  • Going down the stairs sideways
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Um... sex

    The only one I haven't tried is fresh pineapple, but I'm allergic and would end up with a big swollen head.

    Ah well, I'm having a lovely time meeting people for lunch and coffees, going for lots of swims ans walks and, of course, eating many cakes.

    I've handed in a project for my digital photography course, sorted out the garden, filled the freezer with various home-cooked treats and have almost finished spring cleaning the house.

    All I need now is a small person to arrive. Preferably quite quickly and relatively pain-free if that's OK.

    1. Anonymous12:26 pm

      How about a glass of red wine or a brisk walk up the dollysteps in penarth?....Did the trick for me!

    2. Good lord. I've just noticed that the meep-o-meter is saying two days to go!!

      Good luck to you and your other half and here's hoping there'll be no video evidence appearing on YouTube anytime soon...

    3. Come on Mini Meep. You can do it. Anything to stop mummy from the whole bouncing on a birthing ball while missing an episode of Dr Who. Good luck Miss Meep. We are thinking of you xxx

    4. Good luck Meep Lady and Meep Man. Hurry up little Meepster.

    5. Thanks everyone!

      I am loving the suggestion about the red wine and the dollysteps - it's a nice day. May well try that later!