Monday, July 16

7 weeks

At seven weeks old, I thought it was about time to introduce Gwen to some fruit. Here she is. With a banana.

Sir Jamie of Oliver would be proud.*

So I've got through the first few weeks relatively unscathed and not too tired. Here are some things I've learnt.

  • Breastfeeding is hard and can hurt and sometimes you can spend all day long doing it.
  • After the birth, you get hideous after-pains, like labour all over again.
  • You might also get night sweats, which make you think you are about to die.
  • If you go to M&S with a newborn baby, you will never leave as every old lady will want to talk to you. Aw.
  • Prams are rubbish - slings are much better.

    Anyway, I'm slowly returning to normal after the shock of having a baby to look after. I've managed to read a book, go out without her (THREE times - bad mummy!), cooked a meal for six, made a batch of cookies, do a freelance job and even had a day out at the beach.

    Miss Meep is back, back, back.

    *If the NSPCC are reading, I wasn't trying to actually feed it to her. It was just for observation.

    1. Hello Miss Meep!

      Gwen looks very brave in the face of that huge banana. Or is it just a normal banana next to a tiny baby?

    2. He he, she looks like she is about to deal that banana a swift upper-cut!

    3. I hope she will like bananas:)