Wednesday, July 25

Fun for under a fiver

Since I gave up my quite well-paid job to become a part-time worker and part-time freelancer, there are not a lot of pennies in my purse. This is fine, as money isn't my thing and I'd swap my days of office-free freedom for all the cash in the world.

Pennies are even more scarce now I'm on maternity leave, surviving on the very generous £114 per week that the government thinks I can live on (this doesn't even cover my mortgage).

Anyway, having less money has made us a lot more creative in our leisure time. And as a result, we have much more fun. This Sunday was the perfect day. Here's how it went:

  • It's raining. Again. Feel a bit fed up and in need of cheering up/comfort food. Forage in the fridge and cupboards and - in a Ready, Steady, Cook stylee - manage to make up a new type of cake out of what I found (chocolate and chestnut brownies - all eaten within three days so I guess they were nice). Cost: £0.
  • Get in the car, drive to the beach. Cost: a few squid for petrol.
  • Walk along the beach, throwing a ball for the dog and watching her silly, happy, hairy face as she pants with knackered delight. Cost: £0.
  • Stop and sit on a rock to share a bottle of beer (brought from the fridge) and devour a couple of the improvised brownies. Cost: £0.
  • Walk back, stop off at the chippie for a bag of chips and two bread rolls. Cost: £2.20
  • Sit looking out to sea while munching the chip butties (enhanced by the ketchup we keep in the car for such occasions). Cost: £0.
  • Go home. Listen to CDs. Read. Cwtch up with husband, baby, dog and cat. Cost: £0.

    Janet and Luther were right. The best things in life really are free. Well, quite cheap anyway.

    1. pamylla@gmail.com4:16 am

      Enjoying and spending TIME with your baby while he/she is young...PRICELESS!


    2. Mmm chip butties. Sounds like a perfect day :-)