Thursday, August 30

The Perfect Birthday

Got up late
Brioche, coffee and fresh juice
Lots of cards and lots of gifts
A lovely carrot cake
And beautiful red gerberas

Went to a deserted beach
With my favourite pets and people
Walked and walked for miles
(Blod dug a giant hole)

Home to wine and birthday cake
Japanese takeway
Baby fast asleep
And the biggest, brightest moon

(Thanks Dave x)

Monday, August 27

Bank Holiday Disaster

10 steps to bank holiday crapness

1. Spend the whole sunny day indoors doing freelance work
2. Mr Meep working all day and evening, so no company all day
3. No cake in house
4. No ingredients to make cake
5. Decide to take dog and baby to park for walk to cheer up
6. Get to park, immediately lose dog's ball in the river
7. Sky suddenly fills with dark clouds and wind starts howling
8. Baby dressed for high summer, so freezing cold
9. Go home after 10 minutes
10. Dog jumps on next-door neighbour's friend, on her way out, wearing white trousers, now covered in muddy paw prints

I need carrot cake, sauvignon blanc and Amelie. Now!

Friday, August 17

Three Months of Gwen

Dear Gwen,
Tomorrow, you will be 12 weeks old. Apparently, it's a magical milestone, where you turn from a crazy crying newborn to a calmer, more predictable and generally more pleasant sort of baby.

But you're already an angel, so how can you get any better? OK, so when you came along, it was a big shock to the system. Actually, the first few weeks were easy, you just slept all the time. It was about a month in when you suddenly woke up and screamed a lot that I started to lose the plot a little. But once I got my head around the fact that you just need a good old scream now and again, and there wasn't a lot I could do about it, I stopped stressing and we got a bit of an understanding going.

And last week, something changed. You started to really notice the world. When you're awake, you're happy to wiggle and look around and take everything in. You only cry when you're hungry or tired. And you smile so much.

Now, I look forward to you waking up every morning, so I can lie you between me and your dad on the bed and we can watch you kick about and gurgle and grin at us. I love the little freckle on your knee. I love the way you open your mouth really wide when I try to kiss you, so I get a big wet gummy snog. I love the milky sweet smell of your breath. I love the way you make a squeaky noise just before you go to sleep.

You're a great baby. Thanks for coming to live with us.


Thursday, August 16

My Favourite List of the Year

Only 16 days until my birthday. You're probably wondering what I want (Mr Meep, are you reading this?).

Well, here we go.

A gorgeous new notebook
A pair of fake Uggs (real ones way too pricey)
A macro lense for my camera
A new belt
A cute, girlie gym bag
Some of SARK's books
KT Tunstall or Richard Hawley's new albums
Body Shop Body Butter always welcome
As is Green and Blacks chocolate
As are more babies and furry things

ETA: Oh, and this coat
And some cherry red nail polish for my toes

Tuesday, August 14


If you have a spare couple of hours and a few quid, get down to your local cinema and watch Waitress.

It's kitsch and kooky, funny and feelgood, and features lots and lots of cake.

What more could you ask for?

Sunday, August 12

Conversations from the Meep household

Me: Mr Meep?
Mr Meep (engrossed in Harry Potter and looking like he doesn't want to be disturbed with my twittering): Yes?
Me: When I've finished brestfeeding in three months' time, we can have another baby.

Insert tumbleweed-type noise here.

Mr Meep looks a bit pale.

I can't help it. I love pregnancy. I love birth. And I love babies.

I can't get enough of their fat, biteable thighs and dribbly, gummy smiles and I want more, more, more.

Phew, that's got that off my chest.

Wednesday, August 8

Too many things to love

This evening, we were sitting in the lounge, me and my lovely family. I was sitting in the armchair with Gwen on my lap, all wide-eyed and cooing happily (that's her, not me).

Mr Meep was on the sofa, doing what I like to call a double pet special - cat on his lap, dog at his side, one hand stroking each.

So many things to cwtch and kiss and love. Thing is, when another lovable thing enters the equation, does the amount of love grow, or does the love that's there already get spread a bit thinner? When we have more babies and more pets, will we have enough hands to stroke them all?

Tuesday, August 7

Perfect Tuesday

This morning was the perfect morning. Gwen slept throught the night for the second night in a row (if I was religious, I'd be thanking that man upstairs so much), so I woke at 6.30, refreshed after a full night's sleep.

I headed off to the gym and had a blissful early morning swim, enjoying the feeling of flowing through the water while the sun glistened on the surface.

I got home, energised and full of endorphins, to a baby that gave me the biggest grin.

I made banana pancakes, fresh juice and coffee, and ate them while the morning light streamed through the window.

I felt as if I had sunshine in my soul.