Monday, August 27

Bank Holiday Disaster

10 steps to bank holiday crapness

1. Spend the whole sunny day indoors doing freelance work
2. Mr Meep working all day and evening, so no company all day
3. No cake in house
4. No ingredients to make cake
5. Decide to take dog and baby to park for walk to cheer up
6. Get to park, immediately lose dog's ball in the river
7. Sky suddenly fills with dark clouds and wind starts howling
8. Baby dressed for high summer, so freezing cold
9. Go home after 10 minutes
10. Dog jumps on next-door neighbour's friend, on her way out, wearing white trousers, now covered in muddy paw prints

I need carrot cake, sauvignon blanc and Amelie. Now!

1 comment:

  1. ooooh dear. I hope you got some wine, cake and girlie film!