Sunday, August 12

Conversations from the Meep household

Me: Mr Meep?
Mr Meep (engrossed in Harry Potter and looking like he doesn't want to be disturbed with my twittering): Yes?
Me: When I've finished brestfeeding in three months' time, we can have another baby.

Insert tumbleweed-type noise here.

Mr Meep looks a bit pale.

I can't help it. I love pregnancy. I love birth. And I love babies.

I can't get enough of their fat, biteable thighs and dribbly, gummy smiles and I want more, more, more.

Phew, that's got that off my chest.


  1. Bonkers. A few nights of teething should sort you out.

  2. Insanity indeed - you could borrow one of ours for a couple of days if you like :-) Would be a nice rest for us!

  3. Ignore them Miss Meep - fill your house with babies, cover every square inch!

  4. Hee, me too. I want another one inside my belly now, now, now!

  5. Well there will be another new one for you to hug in February, fingers crossed!