Thursday, August 16

My Favourite List of the Year

Only 16 days until my birthday. You're probably wondering what I want (Mr Meep, are you reading this?).

Well, here we go.

A gorgeous new notebook
A pair of fake Uggs (real ones way too pricey)
A macro lense for my camera
A new belt
A cute, girlie gym bag
Some of SARK's books
KT Tunstall or Richard Hawley's new albums
Body Shop Body Butter always welcome
As is Green and Blacks chocolate
As are more babies and furry things

ETA: Oh, and this coat
And some cherry red nail polish for my toes


  1. Happy birthday soon!

  2. ooooh. The coat looks great...good taste!
    Happy people deserve more happiness :) Happy day a bit early

  3. How spooky! I bought that coat today! In the blue, in case you were wondering.