Friday, August 17

Three Months of Gwen

Dear Gwen,
Tomorrow, you will be 12 weeks old. Apparently, it's a magical milestone, where you turn from a crazy crying newborn to a calmer, more predictable and generally more pleasant sort of baby.

But you're already an angel, so how can you get any better? OK, so when you came along, it was a big shock to the system. Actually, the first few weeks were easy, you just slept all the time. It was about a month in when you suddenly woke up and screamed a lot that I started to lose the plot a little. But once I got my head around the fact that you just need a good old scream now and again, and there wasn't a lot I could do about it, I stopped stressing and we got a bit of an understanding going.

And last week, something changed. You started to really notice the world. When you're awake, you're happy to wiggle and look around and take everything in. You only cry when you're hungry or tired. And you smile so much.

Now, I look forward to you waking up every morning, so I can lie you between me and your dad on the bed and we can watch you kick about and gurgle and grin at us. I love the little freckle on your knee. I love the way you open your mouth really wide when I try to kiss you, so I get a big wet gummy snog. I love the milky sweet smell of your breath. I love the way you make a squeaky noise just before you go to sleep.

You're a great baby. Thanks for coming to live with us.



  1. Lovely! (and so is she!)

  2. She is just delicious. I love the wiggling stage! Maisie just wiggled and wiggled for about 3 months. Then she got mobile.

  3. What a gorgeous girl and what long eye lashes.

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  5. Oops - managed to delete my last post (and randomly called Mrs S... must stop experimenting with settings!). Wanted to say how lovely that is... and enjoy it all! Was talking to a friend of mine last night who just had twins and reminicing about when mine were that little! x

  6. She is fab it such a precious time. Babies are lovely, enjoy it x