Saturday, October 13

Retro Friday

Last night, Mr Meep was at work and the little snail was snoring away upstairs in her cot, so I had a whole evening of me time (or, as I like to call it, meep time).

I fancied listening to some music. We have way too many CDs in our collection - from Fugazi to (I kid you not) S Club 7* - so we've been digging out some old classics lately. Next to the CD player in the kitchen was one of my favs from the 90s - It's a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads.

I put it on and was taken back in time to 1993. I sang along to every song, daydreaming about being 18, wearing flower-painted DMs, drinking smuggled sickly Mad Dog 20/20 in the pub toilets to save cash, drooling over the gorgeous Evan Dando on the NME stage at Glastonbury... ahhhhh, salad days. Well, Pot Noodle days is probably a more accurate description.

Such was the strength of the nostalgia, I decided to enhance the '90s ambiance and make some retro food. Hmm, what did I eat as a student? Those who went to my prestigious alma mater will know that there could only be one choice - the speciality of the DMU Students' Union - cheese and chips.

In the old days, it would be a tump of pale chips and mild, coloured cheddar served on a paper plate and washed down with a pint of lager, preferably with a dash of lime (although that added 10p on to the price, so you'd have to feeling frivolous). But in the sophisticated noughties, from my palatial home in Splott, my version of cheese and chips was very different.

1993 version
Greasy chips
Red Leicester cheese
Pint of lager
Paper plate

2007 version
Home-made potato wedges, oven baked in Maldon sea salt and extra virgin olive oil
Colliers extra mature Welsh cheddar
Glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Served in a John Rocha white china bowl

How times have changed. Really, I should have been listening to a Dido CD.

*Mr Meep would like to add a disclaimer that the aforementioned S Club 7 album has nothing whatsoever to with him. Not a sausage. Nor can he be in any way affiliated with the entire Spice Girls back catalogue, which also finds its way into the collection.

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  1. YOur version of chippies sounds grrrreat!
    Don't worry about the music, we all have our little secrets on the shelf!:)