Tuesday, October 16

The Trouble With Tea and Cake

As a bit of a connoisseur of tea and cake, I have today realised that there is something really wrong with the combo.

Picture the scene. You go to a cafe and order a pot of Earl Grey and a slice of carrot cake (my winning combo).

You get ready to enjoy it, look forward to the little ritual of pouring the hot, fragrant tea from the pot into the white china cup, all the time eyeing up the slice of carrot cake, its cream cheese icing enticing you to pick up the fork and enjoy every moment of that first mouthful of its tangy sweetness.

So you do. And it's every bit as lovely as you thought. When you've finally swallowed it, you pick up the cup of tea to cleanse the palate before the next mouthful.

But there is a problem. The tea is too hot to drink. And there's no way that you can wait for the tea to cool down, while the cake sits there on the plate teasing you with its cakey delights. Not even, like, a nun, could do that. So you eat the cake first. Then drink the tea afterwards. It becomes a two-course affair instead of the combo it should be.


Ah, talking of cake, look who's popped up talking about cupcakes in the newspaper.


  1. Ooooh, Nice Cake!

  2. So cup cakes are the go huh? Well done!

    Re the cake tea combo....I find that you can always order a second piece of carrot cake once you tea has cooled a little!

  3. If you are the impatient type it is totally possible to train yourself to drink very hot things. There is no tea so hot that I cannot drink it straight away.
    *Disclaimer - probably not advisable*

    Hey, hows about a blog about cloth nappies?

  4. I don't think you have enough to do personally - freelancing, mummy to Gwen AND cupcake goddess!

  5. Sorry, i posted my comment before I read the link - doh! Congrats to you, cupcake-maker to the stars!

  6. Just have more cake. That's what I do :)