Tuesday, November 6

10 things I'm loving about autumn

  • Taking photos of the amazing colours
  • Making a new soup every week (today was Tomato and Tarragon)
  • Watching Blod rolling around in piles of leaves
  • Mam's blackberry and apple crumble with thick, sweet, creamy custard
  • Putting funny hats on Gwen
  • Cosying up with candles, dressing gowns and books at 7pm
  • Green and Blacks hot chocolate
  • My Cwtch jacket from Howies (that's really what it's called)
  • Summer dog ban lifted on my favourite beaches
  • Cwtching up with Mr Meep and a glass of Rioja (white wine is so over come November)

    Ah, it's all about the food, the outdoors, the cute and the cosy.

    1. I *might* have just appeared sliiiightly drunk whilst conversing with your spouse. I want you both to know this was entirely a mirage and untrue.

    2. ps. I have leaves, too...


      That is all x

    3. Mmmmm I love Autumn!I think it's my favourite season.That list of yours just says it all!!!Right off to make a mug of green and blacks (with milk of course, none of this water with hot choc nonsense)