Thursday, December 20

10 things I love about the festive season

  • Mince pies with Grand Marnier cream
  • The hustle and the bustle and the general ambience
  • All the twinkly lights
  • Absolutely everything in the M&S Food Hall (especially the white mulled wine)
  • The selection of cute and cosy slippers in the shops
  • Stollen from the exclusive German deli (Hmm, there's a lot of food on this list)
  • The automatic right to nibble on nuts and/or chocolate all day without anyone raising an eyebrow
  • Feeling the love with all my friends and family, with visits and nights out and hugs and cards and general cheery mumpetness
  • The Christmas Fluff (pictured below) - a pair of completely pointless fluffy balls on sticks in silver plant pots that Mr Meep and I bought many moons ago when we lived in a flat too tiny to fit a tree in
  • Gingerbread lattes from that evil corporate coffee chain (clearly my ethics are having a little festive break)

    Merry Christmas!

    On a less festive note, I have had gastric flu (Monday to Wednesday) AND a cold (just starting today) all in one week. And the snail has a tooth and is very grumpy and screams. A lot. It doesn't make for a good combo. Bah.

    1. Merry Christmas to the Meeps!

    2. I'm loving you favourite things lists! and a Very merry albeit belated xmas greetings to both you and Mr Meep from Debbie and I. catch you soon I hope!