Sunday, December 2

6 months

Dear Gwen,
On Monday, you turned six months old. Where on earth did that time go? This month you have been mainly charming people wherever we go. You charmed your Grandma and Grandpa Shepherd when we went on holiday with them. You charmed your Great Auntie Brenda-Jean when we went to visit her. You charm everyone who makes eye contact with you in the supermarket by giving them a great big grin. Of course, you charm me and your dad every single day.

You are my constant companion. Sitting in your Bumbo seat watching me while I cook. Going to coffee shops to people watch. Coming out for walks with the dog. Lying next to me on the bed while I have my coffee in the morning. Basically, you've become a very smiley and lovely person to have around.

This month, there's a lot of babbling going on - I sense you will be a chatterbox (can't imagine where you get that from). You can sit up on your own now, but you still topple over all the time, so it's not quite time to ditch the bouncy chair just yet.

You're so amazingly alert and awake compared to the tiny sleepy bundle we brought home from the hospital. Everything is fascinating to you. Last Friday, I gave you a spring onion to hold while I was pottering in the kitchen and you examined it for a whole hour without getting bored.

And we're onto food now. Well, we're bypassing the 'mush' stage and going with baby-led weaning. So we present you with whatever we're eating and if you fancy it and can pick it up, you have some too. It's messy, involves occasional scary spluttering from you, but it's much more enjoyable than trying to jolly you along while we aeroplane smushed up carrots down the hatch (and, of course, Blod is a VERY happy dog and spends a lot of time loitering under the high chair). So far, sliced pear, satsuma segments and a dough ball in Pizza Express have been your favourites, and today, you devoured a whole roast potato while we were having Sunday lunch. Your dad is really pleased that you like roasties, because they're his favourites too.

Today is a bit of milestone, because we've decided to move you into your own bedroom, so we all get better night's sleep. This morning, your dad and I thought this was a good idea. This evening, we feel really sad. I'll really miss your dawn chorus of babbling waking me up, and the way that you lie there waiting patiently for one of us to pick our heads up off the pillow to look at you, then you start giggling with excitement when we do.

I can't wait to see what the next six months will bring.



  1. She's gorgeous!It's amazing how quick the time goes, my little one is 2 and a half and I swear it only feels like a year ago that she was born!

  2. Absolutely lovely!
    And how exciting to go out to the restaurant as a family and all (sort of) eat the same things!