Monday, January 14

10 Things to Chase Away the January Blues

Brrr and Bah. That just about sums up the general January mood. It's cold, it's dark, it's rainy, it's grey. I don't have the funds to jet off somewhere warm and fabulous, so I'm muddling my way through it by embracing the cosy.

  • Hearty puddings and stodgy cake - January is so not the time for all this seeds, salads and self-denial detox nonsense
  • Long, hot, bubbly baths with your Christmas smellies
  • Watching the waves on wild windy days
  • Curling up under a blanket on the sofa and watching Rom Coms (pets optional, but an added furry pleasure)
  • As much mashed potato as you can handle - pesto mash, mustard mash, horseradish mash, cheesey mash...
  • Hot water bottles to keep your toes toasty
  • Porridge for breakfast every single day
  • Locking the doors, closing the curtains and putting your PJs on - at 5pm
  • Wearing waterproofs and walking somewhere beautiful in the rain
  • Heading for bed at 10pm, with a laptop and a mug of hot chocolate. Just like I am doing right now. Ah.

    1. Cheesy mash makes everybody happy!

      (um, except for lactose intolerant Atkins folk, whom I suspect are miserable cows regardless)

    2. Brr and bah indeed!Roll on spring I say!

    3. Ohh--I haven't tried cheese mash! I needed this post--I'm so missing the sunshine!