Friday, April 4

10 months

Dear Snail,

Time is at a premium with looking after you, going to work, renovating a house, running a little business and generally trying to be a superwoman (and failing quite spectacularly). So for ten months, a little list.

10 reasons why you're fab at 10 months

1. You can wave when someone says "Hello"...
2. ... and when someone says "Goodbye".
3. You are trying really hard to say your first words - we've had a "Ba-ba" for "Bye Bye" and endless babbling but mostly we get something that sounds a bit like "Barry". Who's Barry anyway?
4. You can eat spaghetti with your fingers.
5. You can rub scrambled egg into your eyebrows, up your nose, in your ear and all over the back of your head - and still look cute.
6. You have inherited my love of cake and can spot it at 100 paces, accompanied by much panting and arm waving.
7. You start dancing when you hear music.
8. You're still not into crawling, but as we are living in a building site, this is a very good thing.
9. When I put you into your cot at night, you wriggle up to the top and bury yourself in teddies.
10. You sleep all night, (almost) every single night until 7am - finally. Thank you.



  1. Oh, she's such a sweetheart! She just keeps getting lovelier and lovelier. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I was a bit shy about it at first... X

  2. She looks like a little angel.
    The bit about rubbing food into her eyebrows etc is funny!