Tuesday, April 8

Beep beep!

Mr Meep and I have acquired a new motor vehicle. This lovely, older than we are, Morris Minor belonged to the Meep-in-laws, but it's on loan to us indefinitely.

Here is a poem about my new set of wheels.

Lovely red seats and a tartan rug
When I'm driving you I feel quite smug
And happy that you are my car
Though I'm scared to drive you very far

You slip out of gear when we're driving down hills
Your heater's not great so you give me the chills
You've turned me into a Today programme whore
Cos your antique stereo only picks up Radio Four

My favourite thing is tooting the horn
On the way to work down country lanes at dawn
I honk at cows and I parp at sheep
I even give bunnies a jaunty little beep

Yesterday morning didn't quite go as planned
When the knob for the fresh air fell off in my hand
But I love you little Morris, you're such great fun to drive
Even though your top speed is only 55


  1. And it's called Ann!

  2. I'm so jealous. Not that I can drive or anything.

  3. Love it! The poem is a fitting tribute :)